VITA 2010

  Vienna Talk 2010 on Music Acoustics
"Bridging the Gaps"
      September 19–21



Proceedings of the Second Vienna Talk on Music Acoustics,
edited by Werner Goebl, Vienna: Institute of Musical Acoustics (Wiener Klangstil), 2010.
ISBN: 978-3-900914-07-3, 154 pages. (bibtex)

The proceedings book contains 38 scientific papers (of the 57 oral and 20 poster presentations) that were submitted after Vienna Talk 2010. You can either download the entire proceedings book following the link below, or access individual papers by browsing the list of all contributors.

  • Download the entire proceedings book ( 54.3 MB)

The complete list of contributions provides a listing of all presentations of Vienna Talk 2010 either in alphabetical order or by session. Attached to each title, you will find either the proceedings paper (with unique page numbers) or additional material such as the presentation slides or the poster files as well as the submitted abstract.

Banner Pictures: (c) PID/Schaub-Walzer