VITA 2010

  Vienna Talk 2010 on Music Acoustics
"Bridging the Gaps"
      September 19–21



Dear Colleague,

We cordially invite you to submit a paper or invited session proposal to the upcoming 2nd ViennaTalk on Music Acoustics, an international symposium co-sponsered by EAA, ASA and HBS, to be held from 19-21 September 2010, in Vienna, Austria.

The meeting will take place at the campus of the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts and it will address scientists, musicians as well as makers and conservators of musical instruments. The idea of this conference, "Bridging the Gaps", is to focus on the dialogue between the mentioned groups. Scientists will be encouraged to present their papers in a generally understandable way and instrument makers and musicians to present their observations, hypotheses and problems to an interested scientific audience. This way, research might be directed to new questions and makers, musicians and instrument conservators and collectors might possibly get answers and access to new methods and tools.

Vienna is often referred to as the City of Music. In September all the major cultural establishments will have reopened after their summer break, so you will be able to enjoy a vast cultural offering. The following well known organisations - besides several others - will offer a daily program of top level events:

Join us at this major event in beautiful Vienna!!!

Organizing Committee
Banner Pictures: (c) PID/Schaub-Walzer