Drum sets characterization in acoustic laboratory
Nicola Granzotto; Paolo Ruggeri

In this work some considerations are made about drum sets features, making comparisons between two different drum sets, played by two different drummers, performing the same simple 4/4 rock grooves with different rhythm and speed (120 bpm and 60 bpm). Some comparisons are also made between the whole sound pressure level of the drum sets, and each single piece of the drum set separately played.

Drum sets characterizations are made analyzing many multichannel measurements, carried out in the Acoustics Laboratory of the Department of Applied Physics of the University of Padova (Italy). Measuraments are made both in the reverberant room, for sound power level characterization of the drum sets according to iso 3741, and in the double rooms of the laboratory according to ISO 140-3, to determine the behaviour of building structure with respect to drum set sound.