Intonation, segmentation and emotional intensity in an atonal piece performance.
Monica Sanchez; Jose Ordoñana; Arantza Almoguerra; Ana Laucirica

Some of the many elements that can be researched in the field of musical performance can be observed from the analysis of intonation, segmentation or emotional intensity. In this paper we develop a psychoacoustic study of the interpretation of 'Oculto' ('Hidden'), an atonal piece of the composer Luis de Pablo, in order to find characteristics in the measurement of the marked parameters when this is an atonal work. The detachment or absence of tonal hierarchy could produce a peculiar behavior in the way of addressing the expressive intonation, or structural understanding to moments of great emotional intensity. The audio interpretation of a high-grade conservatory student was recorded in order to get the data analysis. After the performance, the student was asked to mark on the music score the points at which segments the musical discourse, and those in which feels greater emotional intensity. We study and analyze the relationships between segmentation points of the structure, pitch (F0) and intonation tendencies of comparative musical passages and emotional intensity.
This work is part of the research project “Audition, cognition and emotion in the atonal music performance by high level music students”, funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain (Research National Project i+d 2008-2011, code EDU-2008-03401)