Jaco – A versatile tool for time-frequency processing with special operations
Christoph Reuter; Herbert Griebel

Herbert Griebel and Christoph Reuter.
Jaco is a tool that allows you to work directly in the time-frequency domain. Basic operations are deleting, amplifying, copying and pasting arbitrary time-frequency regions. These operations require only a selection, i.e., a time frequency mask, and may not consider signal components like noise and sinusoids. More advanced functions will allow selection of signal components so that basic operations can be performed on these components as well. For example, sinusoids can be selected by simply clicking on them. In the demonstration, we will focus on a few features used at the Institute of Musicology in Vienna. Thresholding the energy distribution over the time-frequency plane will allow you to characterize sounds. This is done by removing certain energy levels of the signal below or above a certain threshold. Using sinusoid tracks multiple operations can be performed, such as removing or amplifying voices from a dense music recording or analyzing frequencies of the harmonics using mathematical models. Further examples will be to apply spectral envelopes while working with timbre.