Schedule for Saturday, 27th of August

Morning Session

chair M. Bertsch, G.Widholm
08:30 00:20 invited ätepŠnek, Jan Towards causality in source - signal - percept relations
08:50 00:20 contrib. Bertsch, Matthias; Waldherr, Karin What is a perfect wind instrument?
09:10 00:20 contrib. Kuehnelt, Helmut; Mayer, Alexander Intonation measurements on flutes
09:30 00:20 contrib. Ludwigsen, Daniel O. Input impedance of brass instruments with velocity measurement
09:50 00:10 invited Syrovż, VŠclav Some methodical "revision" remarks on measurements of air column oscillations
10:00 00:10 contrib. Otcenasek, Zdenek Recording and reproduction of musical stimuli for psycho-acoustic listening test
10:10 00:20 contrib. Smevik, Torunn Input impedance of brass instruments
10:30 00:15 Coffee
10:45 00:30 keynote Campbell, Murray; Gilbert, JoŽl Advances in physical modelling of brass instruments
11:15 00:20 invited Dalmont,Jean-Pierre; Gilbert, JoŽl; Kergomard, Jean Extinction threshold of a clarinet simplified model
11:35 00:20 contrib. Braden, Alistair Higher modes and the input impedance of trombones
11:55 00:20 contrib. Egger, Rainer; Kausel, Wilfried The Brass-Wind-Instrument-Optimizer as a tool for instrument makers: A case study

12:15 - 13:15 Lunch (buffet at the foyer)

Afternoon Session

chair W. Kausel, V. Syrovy
13:15 00:30 keynote Amir, Noam; Sharp, David Bore reconstruction from time and frequency domain measurements
13:45 00:20 invited Noreland, Daniel Elements of horn optimisation
14:05 00:20 invited Petiot, Jean-FranÁois; Poirson, Emilie; Gilbert, JoŽl Optimisation of brass instruments via sensory profiling techniques and genetic algorithms
14:25 00:20 contrib. d'Alessandro, Christophe; Nief, Guillaume Sound documentation of PIPE organs
14:45 00:10 Coffee
14:55 00:20 contrib. Oehler, Michael; Reuter, Christoph The digital pulse forming as an old/new sound synthesis principle
15:15 00:20 contrib. Fricke, Jobst Non-systematic notched spectra in capped reed instruments
15:35 00:20 contrib. Tronchin, Lamberto On the acoustics and sound of a 2000 years old bronze trumpet
15:55 00:15 Coffee

Round Table

chair M. Campbell, J. Gilbert
16:10 00:20 invited Bidmon, Marcus Research Funding Opportunities in the European Framework Programme
16:30 00:10 contrib. Doutaut, Vincent Instrument making and innovation: some experiences
16:40 00:10 contrib. Kausel, Wilfried; Chilekwa, Victor A modular approach to wind instrument simulation
16:50 00:10 contrib. Widholm, Gregor Unsolved questions about brass materials - a joint research effort?
17:00 01:30

Open discussion (to be continued on the boat)